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Chris Bauman, MA
Trainer and Teacher
with BBEA and BIBH





Dr Konstantin Buteyko
Creator and developer of the
Buteyko Breath Retraining Method


Free lectures, 5-session Courses, 2-hour workshops and Educator Training are held across Canada, coast to coast.

Christine Bauman is the director Buteyko Canada: Centre for Breathing Well.2

She was the first Canadian Buteyko Educator and Trainer of new educators for the professional body Buteyko Breathing Educators Association headquartered in North America (buteykoeducators.org)  and the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health headquartered in Australia (www.Buteyko.info), endorsed by Dr Konstantin Buteyko, the medical doctor and professor who developed this breathing technique.

She did Buteyko Breath-retraining in England in 1999 after nearly dying from an asthma attack and trained to become a Buteyko Educator in New Zealand, in 2000, with Jennifer and Russell Stark, the most experienced Buteyko trainers outside of Russia. She became a Buteyko Educator Trainer in 2007. She has taught in New Zealand, Japan, Australia the USA and Canada. She gives workshops, free talks and 5-session courses from coast to coast.
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In 2004, Chris was a clinician for the first North American medical research trial on Buteyko at Foothills Hospital in Calgary, Alberta. She has a Masters of Teaching degree, an undergraduate background in sciences and is certified in CPR and First Aid.

To see Dr Cowie and Chris Bauman speak about the Calgary medical trial, click here.

Dr. Robert Cowie
Chief Respirologist
Foothills Hospital




Foothills Hospital, Calgary Alberta





Chris’ Story

I developed asthma as a child. I seemed to “grow out of it” only to have a resurgence at the age of 30. A steady decline in my health resulted in work absenteeism, allergies, poor sleep and chronic colds. In 1997, I went from using reliever medication occasionally to frequently. During a weekend in May, my chest felt constantly tight and by Monday morning, I was using my puffer every 2 hours. A friend called to see how I was doing, but I had no breath to answer her.

Two hours later, as I recovered from a shot of adrenaline, the doctor informed me that I had nearly died from Status Asthmaticus. I left the hospital two weeks later, laden with prescriptions for Prednisone, inhaled steroids and relievers. Worried about side effects, I discussed my condition with my respirologist who said, “You’re alive, aren’t you? Take it or leave it.” I was determined to leave it.

After minimal improvement from dietary change, yoga, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I found Buteyko. I travelled to the UK and took the 5 – Session Course with Alexander Stalmatski, the man who introduced Buteyko to the West.

After diligently doing the breathing exercises, reliever use disappeared. Colds and flu disappeared. Steroids disappeared. Allergies disappeared. My energy and sleep improved. A year later, I trained to become a Buteyko Educator with Jennifer Stark in New Zealand.

My health in my 50s is now better than it was at 40. Breathing is the most important thing we do — it’s powerful force that harnessed correctly can lead to tremendous changes in our health and quality of life. I am determined to make the Buteyko Breath Retraining method available to everyone who needs it.









Sasha Stalmatski
Brought Buteyko to the West
He authored Freedom From Asthma &
Freedom From Insomnia
He taught Chris in 1999 in London, England

Jennifer Stark and Chris in Calgary
Jennifer trained Chris in 2000






Professional Associations

Buteyko Breathing Educators Association is the governing professional body for registered Buteyko Educators.

Its mandate is to maintain high standards of training, education, teaching and conduct of its members; to educate the public and to engage in research. Buteyko Board of Examiners tests new Buteyko Educators and re-tests more established educators, registers Educators and authorizes continuing education credits. The Training Institute of Breathing Educators develops curriculum for training, tests for examination and revises the standard manual. There is an annual AGM and conference held in a different city in North America. www.buteykoeducators.org.

2009 conference in Long Beach, California

2010 Conference at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine. Portland, Oregon.


The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health is another international not-for-profit organization, based in Australia with similar mandates as that of the BBEA.





Russell and Jennifer Stark are two of the founding members of BIBH and responsible for training many of the BBEA members.







For a complete list of qualified Buteyko Educators in North America, please go to www.buteykoeducators.org